Berber cuisine

“Berber or Amazigh cuisine” is considered one of the popular cuisines worldwide. It’s highly influenced by the ancient glorious history of North Africa. Berber cuisine still preserves it’s lifestyle.
Berber cuisine is famous of different dishes with distinct flavours made of local herbs, spices and ingredients. To name but a few:
1- Couscous: a popular dish in the Amazing culture. It’s made of flour, vegetables, meat and spices. This dish is dated back to the ancient Berber civilization.
2- Tajine: a dish cooked in an earthware pot. It contains vegetables, meat, spices… etc. The pot is slowly cooked before it becomes ready and served with bread and salads.
3- Harira: It’s a soup with vegetables usually served with appetisers often with dates.
4- Sand bread (Abadir): there is no need of an oven, you only need to build a fire and burn down the charcoal. The coal must be extremely hot in order to heat the sand underneath. You use a shovel to push the coals into a circle. The dough is quickly placed in the center of the hot sand. 30 minutes later the bread becomes ready.
These are only a few examples of the popular dishes among others in the berber cuisine. It’s very rich in this dimension.

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