Hiking for a slow walk to discover these areas of the Moroccan Sahara, from a bivouac to another, tea setting to another t, you will discover the strengths of the desert. With a team of Berbers or Saharans each trip becomes a camel trek that takes place at the pace of the caravan, with bivouacs in the middle of the palm trees near wells or places where nomads are mostly gathered. That is, under the stars in the total silence of the Sahara where you can feel the magic of the desert….

Our camel treks are organized in a sense of conviviality and meeting the Berber population: You live daily with our team who serve you bearing in mind their knowledge of the region, its traditions, and their long experience in organizing such trips. The presence of camels is also an unforgettable experience.They carry your luggage and all the logistics (tents, food) to ensure an easy and active holiday. The team also ensures the entertainment for your evenings around the campfire. You eat the bread baked in the sand following to traditions there.Your disorientation is guaranteed.

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